The World Citizens' March towards the political unity of the planet

The march's organisation

The World Citizens’ March can only achieve its goal if it is provided with an appropriate system to ensure its effectiveness. To this end:
— It is being sponsored by people of worldwide repute and global Institutions that approve of its aims.
— It is led on a global level by a coordination and animation team supported in various regions of the world by local teams. This is the Coordination Committee for the March ( CCM ).
At the outset it is established in Paris, and its statutes are those of all Associations set up under the French law of 1901. The members of this Commitee come from around the world. They are approved by the Board of the Association.

At the first stage of its development, the Board of the March include :

Béatrice LECLERC


See their personal information sheet on documentation page

— On each continent, and eventually in each country across the world, there is, or will be, a local March Partner Organization ( MPO ), where subscribers for the March can enrol. It serves as a link between them and keeps them informed on the various steps taken by the March around the world so that The World Citizens’ March can increase pressure on world political leaders.
— As the March develops, and with the support of States, Institutions and researchers who approve of its aims, The World Citizens’March opens Workshops or Working Groups to take care of such issues as :
• Writing out the new United Nations Chart
• Allocating definite powers between the World Federation and member States
• Representation procedures for populations within the World Federation of the United Nations,
• Maintaining links between The World Citizens’ March and the media, educational institutions, political groups and public opinion..

All inhabitants of the Earth, all men and women of our time, all citizens of the world are encouraged to take part in The World Citizens’ March towards the planet’s political unity, following their competences and availability :
by joining the March and bringing their financial support.
— by putting their skills and personal experience at the disposal of a specific workshop or working group.
— by publicizing the World Citizens’ March and sharing any information he may obtain through the organisations’ channels on the its progress and its impact on the world’s political leaders.
— by taking part in demonstrations — meetings, debates, protest marches – organised by the March.

With the support of its ever-growing number of members, The World Citizens’ March will play a decisive part in the establishment of supranational Institutions that today’s global community so badly needs. Only this Institution will be capable of ensuring the united development of nations in a protected environment.

Let us lose no time in setting up these Institutions. We must not wait for another global upheaval, whatever its origin, to compel us to act !