The World Citizens' March towards the political unity of the planet


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Annual magazine n°4, February 2017
Annual Magazine N°3, February 2016
Annual Magazine N°2, February 2015
An End to Souverainism, 15/05/2016
COP 21 ... a step forward, 28/12/2015


The amazing power of World Citizens, Olivier d’Argenlieu, preface by Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and comment by Edgar Morin, 198 pages, ed. Le Manuscrit 2011, 20 €
La prodigâ povo de la Mond-Civitanoj, Olivier d'Argenlieu, translated in espéranto by Dr André Abault, éditions Le Manuscrit 2012, 21 Euros
A Global Parliament, Christopher Hamer, 230 pages, 2011