The World Citizens' March towards the political unity of the planet

The aim of the March

Its aim is to gather all around the world the men and women who are determined to bring the Heads of their State to sign a new United Nations Chart, paving the way to the World Federation of United Nations.

The World Federation of United Nations will succeed the United Nations Organisation ( UN ) , which has become clearly obsolete in front of the challenges the world is now faced with : peacekeeping, preservation of the environment, respect of fundamental human rights, regulation of global economy and trade, public health and cross-border mobility.

The World Federation of United Nations is the keystone to the political organisation of the world. It is highly respectful of States, but it equip the world community with the three institutional components which are so cruelly lacking today to ensure the very survival of the mankind, and the united development of the nations, in a truly respect of the planetary environment :
- Rules, to be followed by all in the key areas of planetary life,
- World Authority, invested in watching over these rules, and having power to intervene whenever world balance or fundamental human rights are at risk in any part of the world,
- Democratic Representation of the world population, endowed with the power to enact the Rules, and to mandate and control the World Authority.
Non-violent and determined, the World Citizens’ March towards a politically unified planet is on its way !