The World Citizens' March towards the political unity of the planet

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The global community of humans is now a fact of life. But it lacks the right political institutions, capable of ensuring an united development of nations on a protected planet.

By nature, the present United Nations organization (U.N.) is powerless to face the planetary challenges which are threatening the globe and the very future of the mankind.

In the other hand, political leaders of the nations are trapped by the State Sovereignty and the natural selfishness of the nations, and snowed under with very short time objectives.

Therefore, it is up to the concerned people, up to the world citizens, to take action in the good way. Precisely this is the aim of the “World Citizens’ March” toward political world unity. It is just taking off, it will be a long march, it will last several decades… but it is determined to achieve its aim.

Do not hold back, come and join us, as a supporter or an active militant !

The Coordination Committee for the March

Citizen of the World !

Any human being claiming the status of World Citizen is someone who :

Is aware he/she belongs to, not only to a local, regional or national community, but also to the global community, which has now become a reality.
Proclaims all men and all women are equal in rights and must stand together in the face of present planetary challenges.
Claims global sovereignty on an equal standing with all inhabitants of the earth.
Is ready to militate so that the world community sets up Institutions able to maintain peace, protect the environment and encourage nations to develop in harmony with each other.
To this purpose, supports the Project for a “ World Federation of the United Nations ” based on a democratic Representation of the people, with a World Authority responsible towards this Representation.

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